10 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Outdoor Storage Space


1. Make sure your shed is weather proof

  • Make sure your shed is weatherproof.

If you are building a shed for outdoor storage, make sure that it is watertight and weatherproof by installing extra flashing around the base of the walls, doors and windows. You can also look into installing a gutter to divert rainwater away from your shed.

If you have an existing shed on your property, have it inspected by an expert to determine if any damage has been done in recent years. This may require fixing broken or cracked shingles or replacing rotten wood with new pieces before doing any repairs or maintenance work yourself

2. Create more shelving space

  • Create more shelving space
  • Use a pegboard for tools and other items. Pegboards are great for creating additional shelves, especially if you have a tool shed in your backyard or garage. You can hang everything from gardening equipment to sports equipment on them, making it easy for everyone to find what they need. The best part is that pegboards are very inexpensive and easy to install.
  • Use a ladder as an extension of your shelving space. Leaning a ladder against the wall allows you to get higher up into your storage area so that even more things can be stored there safely out of sight but still easily available when needed!

3. Add a swimsuit drying rack

  • Add a swimsuit drying rack

If you have kids and/or pets, chances are that you’re going to end up with a pile of wet swimsuits in your laundry room at some point. Instead of letting them dry on the washer or dryer, consider installing a swimsuit drying rack. They’re inexpensive and easy to install—just mount it where two walls meet and hang the suits from their hangers on the bars. When it’s time to wash them again, just take down each suit individually instead of having to pull everything out of the washing machine or dryer basket by hand (which can be quite messy).

4. Use it to store pool supplies

Pool supplies are heavy, so make sure that your foundation can support them. You don’t want to risk having your shed collapse under the weight of all those pool chemicals and supplies! If you have a pool, make sure you have a place to store everything—you’ll thank yourself later when it’s time to get the pool up and running again.

5. Add a garden tool rack inside

If you’re going to be using your shed for gardening, a garden tool rack inside the shed will make it easier for you to find what you need. You can install a pegboard on the wall or a wall-mounted rack that hangs off of hooks. If there isn’t enough room in your shed for both tools and supplies, consider adding another storage area outside of your main shed that is designated just for gardening tools.

6. Use hooks and racks to hang things on the walls

Another great way to maximize space is by hanging things up.

Hooks are a great way to store tools, garden tools, pool toys and towels. You can also use hooks to hang bags, shoes and coats.

7. Hang a pegboard for tools and other items

  • Use a pegboard to organize tools and other items. You can hang your garden tools, sports equipment, and anything else you don’t use every day or every week on a pegboard. This way you can quickly find what you need when it’s time to do an outdoor activity.
  • Hang a pegboard above your garage door so that it’s visible from inside the house as well as outside. This will make it easier for everyone in the family to know where their things are located so they don’t have to search through closets or drawers looking for them!

8. Add hooks or pegs to the outside for hanging items like bikes, chairs, and tools

For those of you who have a garage, it may be a good idea to hang items such as bikes, chairs and tools on the walls. This can help keep them out of the way while still being visible. You can also use hooks or pegs to hang these items from ceiling beams or rafters when you have them available. If there is no beam or rafter nearby then consider hanging items from hooks attached directly to the wall itself by using nails or screws that are long enough for this purpose but not so long that they will pierce through your drywall if not secured properly with other materials (such as wood).

Another place where storage space exists outside is under decks or patios. If you have any room left under one of these areas then it should be used for storage purposes! Items like bicycles could easily fit into this area if there is room; otherwise consider using another type of hook (that’s better suited) which will allow more flexibility when reaching up higher than usual without needing assistance from someone else holding onto an item while trying not topple over yourself because there’s too much weight being supported by just one hand at any given moment–especially if both hands are needed simultaneously due to limited space availability below deck level.”

9. Use the roof space if you have one that opens

If you have an attic that opens to the outside, think about how you could use it. You could use it for storage, or even a garden shed, greenhouse or potting shed. If it’s big enough and has a door, you could use the space as a workshop or playroom for your kids. If there is enough room to run around and move around in but not too much that it gets cluttered then consider turning it into a home office or studio of some kind.

10. Create an outdoor workspace of sorts with a counter and cabinets

You can add a countertop to your shed, and this is especially useful if you are keeping food or other items that need to be kept cold. You can also purchase a sink or faucet for your outdoor workspace. A countertop is also great for preparing meals outside, such as grilling or other cooking projects.

You may also want to consider adding cabinets in the storage space of your shed, especially if it does not come with fixed storage areas built-in. The cabinets will help keep tools and other materials organized so they are easy to find when you need them.

Your storage shed can be so much more than just a place to throw things away!

You’re already making good use of your storage shed, but there are a few ways to get even more out of it.

  • Use it to store pool supplies. Pool toys can crowd up your home and make it difficult to keep things organized when not in use. Store them in the shed instead!
  • Add a swimsuit drying rack. This is especially helpful if you have kids that love swimming outside! It will help them keep their swimsuits clean and ready for their next adventure at the pool or beach! If you don’t have space for a full-on drying rack, try using hooks on the walls inside your storage shed instead—they work just as well!
  • Add a garden tool rack inside your shed as well! If you love gardening as much as we do here at [website] then having all of these tools within reach will make doing yard work so much easier (and less cluttered). Plus who doesn’t like having access to all their favorite gardening tools without having lug around an entire bag? And if you ever need extra space for those long handled shovels or rakes then simply add some hooks onto one side wall near where they would normally go so they don’t take up any precious floor space yet still stay out of sight until needed again later down road.”


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