15 Unique Shed Builders To Check Out


A shed is a wonderful addition to any backyard. Unfortunately, finding the right one can be difficult, especially if you’re looking for something that’s different. If you want something really unique and different, then you should consider getting a custom built shed. Here are some of the top shed builders in the United States:

1. Crooked River Sheds (http://crookedriversheds.com/)

Crooked River Sheds (http://crookedriversheds.com/)

Crooked River Sheds is a full service shed builder in the Pacific Northwest. They specialize in custom sheds and garages, as well as a variety of other projects including gazebos, playhouses, and storage buildings. This company has been in business for over 20 years and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

2. Sherwood Sheds (https://www.aussieshedssherwood.com.au/shed-builders/)

Sherwood Sheds is a family owned business based in Tasmania, Australia. They have been building sheds since 1990 and have grown to be one of the biggest shed companies in the region. With over 20 years of experience, you can rest easy knowing that your new shed will be carefully constructed by people who care about the quality of their work.

The company offers a wide variety of unique sheds to choose from including those made from recycled materials such as glass bottles and logs. They also offer a number of kits for DIY enthusiasts so no matter what level you are at when it comes to carpentry or construction projects, there is something for everyone at Sherwood Sheds.

3. Shed Worx (https://shedworx.co.za/)

Shed Worx is a South African company that specializes in the design and construction of custom-made sheds and garages. Shed Worx has been around since 2007, and has grown to become one of the top names in their industry. With years of experience, you can be sure that you’re getting high quality with any shed from this company.

The wide range of options available from Shed Worx means that there’s something for everyone – whether you want a simple storage shed or an extravagant multi-level structure, there will be something for you. The variety of colors and finishes also helps ensure that your new building fits seamlessly into any environment or style.

4. The Shed Shop (https://theshedshopinc.com/)

The Shed Shop is a family-owned business that has been operating since 1996. They are located in Mount Juliet, TN and have a large range of sheds, playhouses and storage buildings. Their experience shows with their wide variety of products all at great prices.

The Shed Shop also has a large selection of accessories for your shed needs such as lighting kits, tools and paint to help you get the job done right!

5. Flatpack Sheds (https://flatpacksheds.com/)

Flatpack sheds are a great option for people who want a shed but don’t want to build it themselves. They’re easy to assemble, come in a variety of sizes and styles and made from high quality materials.

6. Backyard Storage Shed Builders (http://www.backyardbuildingsandmore.com/)

Backyard Storage Shed Builders is a company that specializes in storage sheds. They have been in business since 1992 and have built over 10,000 sheds.

The company has built sheds all over the United States and even all over the world, including Europe and South America!

Backyard Storage Shed Builders will help you design your perfect shed so that it can fit perfectly with your home.

7. Absolute Steel & Storage (https://absolutesteeltexas.com/storage-sheds/)

Absolute Steel & Storage is a family owned business in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. They specialize in steel storage sheds, steel garages, and steel barns. They have been building sheds for over 20 years.

They understand that every client’s needs are different and will work with you to design the perfect shed for your home.

8. Myerstown Sheds and Fencing (https://myerstownshedsandfencing.com/shed-builders)

Myerstown Sheds and Fencing is a family-owned business that has been in business for over 40 years. They have built over 12,000 sheds and have a wide variety of sheds to choose from. In addition to their traditional wood sheds, they also offer metal storage buildings and metal garages. They can also build your shed with cedar siding, vinyl siding or even shingle siding if you prefer something more modern.

Myerstown Sheds and Fencing offers a wide range of colors for all their products including red brick, tan brick and even blue metal! The shed builders at Myerstown will also come out to measure your property so they can recommend the right size shed based on how much space you need it to fill up as well as what kind of materials will work best with your style preferences (wood vs metal).

9. Outdoor Living Today (http://outdoorlivingtoday.com/)

Outdoor Living Today is a unique shed builder. They offer a variety of different shed styles and materials, with prices ranging from $1,600 to $2,800. The company also offers delivery options ranging from standard to expedited that can be selected at checkout.

10. Nappanee Backyard Structures LLC (http://nappaneebackyardstructuresllcandrobertsonbuildersinc.)

Nappanee Backyard Structures LLC is a shed builder that specializes in custom sheds and storage buildings. They are located in Nappanee, Indiana.

Their sheds can be used for gardening tools, play areas for kids, or even as a place to store your lawn mower.

11. Elkton Backyard Structures LLC (http://elktonbackyardstructuresllcandrobertsonbuildersinc.)

Let’s talk about Elkton, Pennsylvania. Located in Lancaster County and home to just over 7,500 people, this community is known for its historic downtown area and local events. If you want a shed that fits into your landscape and can complement the rest of your property, then this company is worth looking into.

Located at: 241 South First Street Suite 2A, Elkton PA 17040

Website: http://elktonbackyardstructuresllcandrobertsonbuildersinc.com/index-2.html

12. Georgetown Backyard Structures LLC (http://georgetownbackyardstructuresllcandrobertsonbuildersinc.).)

Georgetown Backyard Structures LLC is located in Georgetown, TX and specializes in building a variety of sheds. They can build gable sheds, barns, and garages. They also build custom decks, patios and more. The company has been in business for over 30 years.


Conclusion: All of these shed builders are great options to choose from, and once you select one that suits your needs, you can be confident that they will provide a quality product. I hope this list will help narrow down your choices.

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