Shade Loving Plants & Your Options

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When planting a garden, it is important to understand the lighting options that you will have. You want to ensure that your garden will thrive and certain plants respond better to certain conditions. For example, some respond better to conditions of moist soil while others need more arid or human climates in order to grow appropriately. One of the ways in which the type of plant is impacted is through the amount of sunlight that impacts a garden. Some plants need a great deal of light to thrive and grow while others can function in shade. It is the latter of these plant types, shade loving plants, that are of focus in this discussion.

Why Shade Loving?

For some home gardeners and landscapers, it may seem like shade loving plants will not provide the beauty of other more traditional plants. This is not the case. In fact, many times the shade loving plants and flowers that are available include larger leaves of beautiful hues and ranges of colors. There are many different options from bright reds, blues, purples, and whites, among others. For this reason, it should not be thought of as a discouragement to choose these types of plants over another. The reason that the leaves and flowers are large is actually functional. The plants actually use these larger extensions for gathering as much sunlight as possible. The larger leaves and flowers serve as a way to garner that light and do so in a beautiful way.

Types Of Green Plants

There are several different types of shade loving plants and flowers that an individual can choose for their home garden or landscaping project. There are annuals and perennials, leafy options and more flowery ones. One of the most popular shade loving plants is hosta. This plant grows in the summer time and is a beautiful option for those that want a leafier look. The leaves of this plant are green, but almost a paler or lighter green hue. Lady’s Mantle is another plant that thrives in shade and lends itself toward the green leaf variety. The green on the Lady’s Mantle has a hint of blue in its color makeup, more so than hosta does.

Types of Flowering Plants

For those looking for more a bright option in plants, impatiens are wonderful shade loving plants to use. Impatiens come in pinks, reds, and whites primarily, and can be planted in the ground or in hanging baskets. Peonies, too, are a popular option for planting in shady areas. Peonies offer a sweet scent that is beautifully aromatically as well as visually, but they show the most growth in the summer months. Vivola Rivinania is another plant option that likes shade and still offers colorful flowers. Specifically, the vivola has a reddish purple leaf that grows best if printed in the spring or in the fall months. It will die and then the seeds can be garnered for the next planting run.


There are many different options in shade loving plants and flowers for a variety of climates and different locations throughout the world. For that reason, a landscaper or gardening specialist will be able to provide those looking for this type of plant with many seed choices.

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