Watering My Tomatoes Here’s What I Learned


Tomatoes are one of my favorite plants to grow. They’re pretty easy to take care of, and there’s just something great about walking out into the garden and picking a ripe one for your salad, sandwich or pasta sauce. However, tomatoes are also prone to disease if you overwater or underwater them. I’ve had plenty of success with my tomato plants over the years, but this year was the first time I grew tomatoes without any disease at all! That can’t be a coincidence. So what did I do differently? Here’s what I learned about watering my tomatoes:

What I Learned About Watering My Tomatoes

Watering tomatoes is a balancing act. You want to water them enough so that the soil doesn’t dry out, but not too much or you’ll end up with a soggy ground where rot can set in. It’s important to keep the moisture level consistent over a long period of time, so it’s best to use a schedule and stick with it!

Consistency Is Key

Consistency is key to growing healthy tomatoes. You can’t water too much, but you can water too little. If you’re not sure how much to water, or how often, ask a professional! They’ll have some tips for making sure your tomatoes are getting enough water without overdoing it.

Water In the Morning

Water in the morning so that the plants can dry out during the day. This will help you avoid mold and other fungus and bacteria that tend to grow on wet soil. If you water your plants in the afternoon, they will be wet all night long, which is not good for them.

Water at the Roots

You’re going to want to water your tomatoes at the roots. Watering at the top of a tomato plant can cause damage to leaves, stems and flowers. Watering at the base of a tomato plant will ensure that its roots are moistened as well as its stem, which promotes healthy growth.

If you have soil that is too heavy or compacted (or both), it may be difficult for your plants to get enough air circulation around their roots without significant breakage or damage. The best way to combat this problem is by using an aerator on your hoses before watering or by adding some sand into your garden beds every few years if necessary.

Consistent watering is key to growing healthy tomatoes.

  • Consistent watering is key. The best time to water tomatoes is in the morning, before the temperature rises above 80°F. Watering at this time ensures that most of the water reaches their roots, because they’re not yet absorbing moisture from the air.
  • Water at the roots, not on leaves or stems. It’s best to avoid getting soil on leaves and stems, since this can cause disease or rot for your plants’ fruits (and yes, tomatoes are fruits). If you must get some soil on leaves and stems when watering, make sure that it’s dry before nightfall so that no fungi grow there overnight!
  • Consistency is key: You want to be consistent about when and how often you water your tomatoes so that they get exactly what they need from you as a gardener! If you’re inconsistent about this process then how will anyone know if it works?


This summer, I’ve learned a lot about watering my tomatoes. Here are three things I’ve learned:

Consistent watering is key to growing healthy tomatoes.

Water in the morning so that the leaves have time to dry before sunset.

Water at the roots and avoid putting water on the leaves.

I hope these tips help you grow your own perfect tomatoes this summer!

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