Fresh flowers send warm wishes across the miles


When the winter winds are howling and the snow is piling up outside, we crave warmth from those near and dear to us. But what do you do when you or they can’t make a trip to see each other in person? Flowers are the perfect answer! That’s why I’m here to share some of my go-to flower picks for each of the winter holidays.

Poinsettias during Christmas

Poinsettias are a traditional Christmas flower. They’re easy to grow and ship, making them ideal for holiday gift-giving. Here are some tips on how to send them:

  • Order poinsettias from a reputable online retailer. Look for one that offers different varieties, including potted plants, cut flowers and live plants in decorative pots.
  • If you choose to buy pre-cut poinsettias, be sure they’re packaged well so they don’t get damaged during shipping. If possible, use two cardboard boxes for each arrangement; this will help protect the flowers during transit and keep them fresh longer once they arrive at their destination. The second box should be slightly larger than the first so it can fit snugly inside with no gaps between layers of tissue paper or bubble wrap around each stem at least 2 inches apart on all sides (top bottom left right). Be sure all leaves protruding through holes in both boxes have been removed before closing up any openings with tape/glue etc.. This will prevent any clumps of dirt from falling out while transporting your order!

Roses for Valentine’s Day

Roses are the traditional flower for Valentine’s Day. They’re also the most popular gift exchanged on this day of love, with 2.6 million roses being purchased annually in the United States alone. Roses have a lot of symbolism associated with them: love, beauty and romance. There are many types of roses available for purchase during winter break that will deliver your sentiments to someone special when you can’t be there in person. Roses come in all colors except blue; some of these include red, pink, yellow and white varieties (to name but a few).

Oriental Lilies on Easter

Oriental lilies are a perfect flower for the winter holidays. Their longevity and versatility make them ideal for delivering your warmest wishes to someone on this chilly season. The best part of sending flowers is that they will last long after you have sent them, giving your recipient the opportunity to enjoy their beauty week after week. Here are a few facts about oriental lilies:

  • They come in a large variety of colors and types, ranging from white through yellow to orange, red and pink hues. Many flowers also have light green stripes along the edges of their petals or filaments that add an extra bit of appeal! You can even find double varieties with twice as many petals to display!
  • These wonderful blossoms can be found in supermarkets starting around March or April depending on where you live—but keep an eye out because they will sell out fast if you wait until May or June! Once purchased at this time though there’s no need worry about anything else besides watering them every couple days (once every other day if possible). Just make sure not too much water gets into their roots since it could cause molding problems later down line…a good idea would be using only distilled water instead just so there isn’t any risk involved.”

Flowers are the perfect way to share a bit of warmth during the long winter months, especially during the holiday seasons.

Flowers are one of the best ways to share a bit of warmth during the long winter months. The holidays can be a difficult time if you’re far away from loved ones, but sending flowers is a great way to show them (and yourself) that you haven’t forgotten about them. It’s also perfect for showing someone that you care, or thanking them for something they’ve done—no matter how small!


Winter can be a long and dreary season, so it’s important to make the most of it. Sending flowers is a great way to do this, as they add color and beauty wherever they’re sent.

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