Ins and Outs of Concrete Planters

Containers and flower receptacles for gardens come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. While some gardeners and landscapers prefer more colorful and pristine options, still others enjoy the more industrial and rustic look of a concrete planter. Concrete planters are included in many different home landscaping projects and do it yourself planting adventures. There are several reasons why this is the case, and why this option may be perfect for you, some of which are listed here below.


A concrete planter can be a great choice for many homes because of the durability of the vessels. Like concrete placed on the ground, these planters can withstand many elements that occur naturally, like rain, wind, and even snow. Investing in these plant receptacles means that you will have a device which lasts more than one season. It is extremely tough for ground based insects to penetrate this durable surface, making it a safer option for those that are worried their planters will become infested by ground born insects. Though there is a still a risk of such, insect impact is better minimized in this way.


Another reason that concrete planters are so popular and often utilized is because of their accessibility and affordability. Many home departments, gardening stores, and even larger venues offer these concrete planters for sale at little cost. They vary in size as well which can be a great option for those looking to fill up a large space or a small one with their planting containers. Further, if purchasing is out of the question, it is possible for a concrete planter to be constructed by the gardener him or herself. A little research and care in the construction and a home or business can create their own planters from basic concrete. This allows for size variation and tailoring of the planter to the needs of the individual.


Concrete planters also hold another advantage of ceramic or plastic pots: the strength. A concrete planter is very strong and can with stand the pressures that large plants, greenery, and even some trees may place on it when inserted into this type of container. For that reason, they can come in a wide variety of shapes and styles to accommodate the needs of the individual plant and this plant can range from big to very small. This is another reason why so many homes and venues utilize the concrete planter as part of their landscaping project or projects.


The delicateness of a beautiful orchid or richly colored hibiscus can be nearly awe inspiring in its natural construction. With their sprawling leaves and colors, these flowers can brighten a home, front porch, or walkway with their unique coloring options and beauty. Imagine, then, the beauty of this flower in contrast with a harsher aesthetic look like a concrete planter. The concrete planter is an option that many home gardeners choose because of the beauty it creates via the discrepancy between soft and hard, feminine and masculine. There is something that naturally draws the eye to this artistic contrast and the lack of overtness or forcedness.
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