What Is A Yucca Plant and Is It Right For You?

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The yucca plant is a perennial plant, which means that it will last for at least two years attaining growth stages annually. For this reason, the yucca plant is a great investment for those looking for more than just a one season plant for their gardens or their landscaping projects.

The following explains more about these large plants, their uses, and the climates in which they thrive. If selecting or considering one for a landscaping project, this information will better highlight whether or not it is an appropriate plant to meet your needs.


Yucca plants cannot grow in all climates with vivaciousnes. Native to hotter climates of the world, the yucca plant is most comfortable in its growth in areas that are warm and often arid. The plant is found naturally in South America, Central America, and arid regions of the North American continent. The Caribbean also sees the native growth of these plants.

Individuals seeking to plant these plants around their homes or businesses need to be aware of this climactic need. It is not a plant that should be expected to thrive in more temperate or colder regions of the world. They are able to withstand some cold or cooler temperatures but they will not be as vibrant as they would if they were in these warmer or hotter climates.


Yucca plants are most often selected for their physical structure. They are large plants that stand strong and almost statuesque. In the United States, these plants are known by a colloquial name of “ghosts of the graveyard” for their almost ominous presents.

The stocks of the yucca bushes or plants are thick and grow more vertically than outwardly. They grow larger than traditional bushes, almost to a tree like posture, and have white flowers that extend beyond the leafy green stalks and stems. There is a beauty and an elegance, as well as a strength with these plants and it is for this reason that they are a popular option. It is among the most popular of landscape options in the Southwestern United States and throughout the western region as well.


Normally, the yucca plants are chosen because of their beauty and their ornamental value. However, it is not unheard of for them to be chosen for their functionality as well. A yucca plant does bear some edible parts which are popular in certain cultural dishes and culinary cuisines.

The flowers and stems, select parts of the plant, are potentially edible options for those that have knowledge of their full potential. The parts of the plant that are filled with nutrients and strengthening principles are also utilized in many shampoos and body products.

Specifically, the Native American culture of the United States is known to utilize these portions of the plants in this way and culturally the usefulness has been passed down from generation to generation. Mass marketed products utilize the yucca plant in their products as well.

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