Why Winter Flowers Are the Best


I love the winter. It’s a time to slow down, take a break, and reset. People tend to spend more time indoors during the colder months, so it makes sense to find ways to make your surroundings as beautiful as possible. As florists, we get excited every year when holiday flowers arrive at our flower shop. The flowers in season during this time of year tend to be longer lasting and can be used in so many creative ways!

Winter is a time to slow down, take a break, and reset.

Winter is a time to slow down, take a break, and reset. The cold weather and shorter days make it easy to be reflective and enjoy the quiet moments of life. Winter is also an opportunity to reconnect with friends and family as everyone comes home for long weekends or stays in town because they can’t travel due to snow storms or bad weather.

Winter flowers are beautiful during winter because they add color when there isn’t much light around you. They remind you that spring will come eventually so don’t get too stressed out about the small things in life!

Hydrangeas are great for long lasting blooms.

If you’re looking for long-lasting flowers, hydrangeas are your best bet. They bloom in the winter and can be found at most local nurseries. These flowers are easy to grow as they have a hardy root system that is adapted to surviving through cold temperatures. This makes them especially versatile in colder climates where other types of plants may not survive outside of their pots or beds!

You can mix up shapes, textures and colors in your bouquets.

When you think of a bouquet, you’re probably envisioning one that is soft and round – but the truth is, there are so many other options! Try mixing up your flower shapes, textures and colors to create a unique bouquet. Take advantage of different sizes by using small flowers in addition to larger ones. Mix up colors by using multiple shades of one hue or even different hues altogether (like blues and yellows or purples with oranges). Change it up even more by adding texture like leaves or berries into the mix. Finally, consider choosing botanical elements like greenery instead of traditional flowers for your arrangement. You can even use succulents if you want something green without having to worry about watering them every day!

Larger flowers aren’t always available during this time of year.

You may think that flowers are only available in a few sizes, but that’s not the case. Flowers come in all shapes and sizes. For example, if you want a bouquet of sunflowers (also known as Helianthus), you can find them both at the grocery store or farmer’s market!

You should also know about other types of flowers besides roses and tulips. There are many different colors to choose from, such as red or yellow. You can even get sunflowers in white or orange!

When it comes to shapes, there is no limit on what kind you choose for your winter bouquet. Tulips come in many different colors and shapes—like tulips with stripes on them!

Consider using unusual greenery.

Consider using unusual greenery.

If you’re looking for something that will really stand out, consider using unusual greenery. There are many options out there—some of them may not be what you think of when you think “greenery”—but they can create an interesting look and add to a room’s decor in ways that more traditional greens might not.

Berries add an extra splash of uniqueness to your bouquet.

Berries are a great addition to any bouquet, whether you’re looking for something unique or not. Berries are available year round and can be used as accents in bouquets, bases for bouquets, fillers for bouquets—you name it!

  • In the wintertime: You might want something a little more festive than regular flowers. Try berries! They add an extra splash of uniqueness to your bouquet.
  • In the summertime: If you’re looking for some fresh fruit to snack on during those hot days without having to go all the way outside, try having some berries in your home instead! It’s safer than walking around outside when it’s hot out there (and berries aren’t susceptible to heat stroke).

The winter is the perfect time to try something new and focus on designing a beautiful arrangement that showcases its uniqueness.

Winter flowers are the best because they are unique. They bring a sense of life and color to your home, no matter what the season.

If you’re looking for a way to add some life and beauty to your home this winter, consider using fresh flowers from our florist. We have an array of gorgeous bouquets that will fit any style or budget—even if you’re on a tight budget!


In summary, winter is the perfect time to try something new and focus on designing a beautiful arrangement that showcases its uniqueness. Although blooms are limited in this season, there is always an opportunity to get creative and make something truly special. We hope that our blog has provided some inspiration for your next floral design!

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