The Gardens


Welcome to the Gardens, a blog about our lovely campus. We have five major gardens on campus: The Greenhouse, The Rose Garden, The Japanese Garden, The Ellis Woods and Ellis Gardens. You can find info about how to contact us or get involved in our gardens by going to this link: contact-us-page-url. Also follow us on instagram at @gardens_blog and facebook at gardensblog.

The Greenhouse

The greenhouse is a great place to study and relax. It’s also a great place to take photos, because it looks so pretty!

The Rose Garden

Located on the north side of campus, the Rose Garden is an ideal location for relaxation and study. It has over 120 varieties of roses ranging from white to red to pink to orange. The smell alone is enough to make you feel relaxed! In addition, the Rose Garden has benches for sitting so that you can enjoy your surroundings while reading or studying. You can also go into the greenhouse and ask one of our gardeners anything about your favorite flowers.

The greenhouse itself is beautiful inside with tall trees growing around its perimeter. If you want to get away from everything and just relax, this is a great place to do it! The gardeners will help you find what you need if there’s something specific that interests or intrigues you; they love sharing knowledge about things like gardening techniques (which might come in handy when studying plants) or even just talking about their experiences with plants over time!

The Japanese Garden

The Japanese garden is a peaceful place to go for a stroll during your time on campus. It’s lined with trees and plants, including azaleas and cherry blossoms in the springtime. There’s also plenty of beautiful artwork to enjoy: you’ll see bridges, lanterns, koi ponds and pagodas throughout the garden.

The Ellis Woods

The Ellis Woods are a small forest that is a great place to go for a walk. The woods were named after Dr. Ellis, the university president who planted the trees during his tenure at Penn State. This area is well-known as one of the most popular places on campus for students and staff alike.

There are numerous trails in this area of campus, which makes it ideal to get in some exercise or just enjoy nature while you’re studying at Penn State!

Ellis Gardens

Ellis Gardens is a garden that is dedicated to the memory of the Ellis family, who were former residents at The Gardens.

This beautiful space is perfect for students looking to relax and enjoy some time in nature, or for those who just want to get away from it all on campus.

Ellis Gardens also serves as a great place for studying, with its wide open lawns and quiet spots throughout the garden.

The gardens are also home to several trees that have been planted by past students in honor of loved ones who have passed away; these trees are marked with plaques that allow passersby to know about the person being remembered.

We have beautiful gardens that you should go check out!

As a student or visitor to the campus, you can enjoy the beauty of our gardens at your leisure. There are many different types of gardens on campus:

  • The Gardens (a formal garden)
  • The Arboretum (a collection of plants and trees)
  • The Natural Area (more of an outdoor classroom than a traditional garden)
  • The Master Plan Garden (slowly being built as part of a master plan for new buildings)

All of the above mentioned gardens are open to the public during daylight hours, and some also stay open at night if there is any light left in their environment.


One of the best things about our school is that we have so many beautiful gardens. If you haven’t already, I definitely recommend visiting them. They are a great place to spend time with friends or get some reading done for your classes. You can also just walk around and enjoy the nature! The Greenhouse is my favorite because it’s so pretty in there, but I also really like the Ellis Woods because they are right next to my dorm.

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