The Smallest Shed in The World – Size Matters


Like many of you, our house is just not big enough to fit all of our stuff. We were always looking for creative solutions to store all the things we didn’t want in storage but didn’t want to put in our garage. We knew that a shed was the answer, but we had so many questions about how it would work out for us and if we had the right space for it. Our first idea was to build a tiny house, which is what led us to this project. This tiny shed can be used as an outdoor office or play room and will easily fit into any small space.

The idea of a small shed is what drew me to this project.

When I started this project, the idea of a small shed was what drew me to it. I wanted to build a shed that was small and affordable. I wanted to build a shed that was easy to build. And most importantly, I wanted to build a shed that was unique!

My wife and I had long understood that we needed a storage shed for our back yard.

We had a lot of stuff, and we wanted to store it. We didn’t want the typical shed that you see on most residential properties in the United States. Our shed would have to be small, but still functional and easy for me to build.

We needed space for our bikes and lawn equipment, which included rakes, shovels, a wheelbarrow and an old-fashioned push mower that would require extra room in order to open its door wide enough so you could get it out of the shed (and pushing it across your yard). We also wanted space for our tools – hammers, wrenches and screwdrivers – as well as our yard waste bins (which wouldn’t fit well under our deck). Lastly we needed room inside the shed itself so that I could store garden supplies like seed packets or plant food while they were not being used during the growing season.

We looked for ways to turn the process into a DIY project but it was hard to find good plans or ideas that were easy to follow.

We looked for ways to turn the process into a DIY project but it was hard to find good plans or ideas that were easy to follow. We wanted to do it ourselves, but didn’t know where to start.

She said she thought we would be happier if we did it ourselves.

It wasn’t just a fantasy, though. The shed is real. It was built by Andy and Ruth in the backyard of their home in Norwich, England.

The project took them two years to complete and they have spent another year on maintenance since it was built. They say they are very happy with the end result though – and so are we!

We wanted to make sure there was enough room for bikes, lawn equipment and tools.

There are different ways to organize your shed, and it’s up to you how you want to use it. Here are some ideas:

  • Bike storage – If you have bikes, then this is a good place for them. You might also want to add a bike rack or hooks on the walls of your shed if they aren’t built in. This way, the bikes will be out of sight until they’re needed but easily accessible when needed.
  • Lawn equipment storage – There are many types of lawn equipment that could be stored in your shed. For example, there are lawn mowers, leaf blowers/vacuums/brooms/rakes and other tools like hedge trimmers or grass clippers that would all fit nicely into one space on the wall inside your new shed!
  • Tools storage – Tools such as hammers, screwdrivers and hacksaws could also be stored in an organized fashion so that everything is easy enough for someone else (or even yourself) to find when needed!

We wanted our customers’ needs taken care of from start until finish with this product line offering which includes things like toolboxes too!

Don’t let your small space hold you back, get creative with your space!

Do you have a small space that’s holding you back? Don’t let it! Get creative with your space and learn how to make the most of your small shed.

The smallest shed in the world is located in England and measures just under 5 square feet. It was built with reclaimed materials, which makes it an excellent example of recycling being used effectively. In fact, this tiny shed is so efficient that its owner uses it as a home office when needed!


If you’re looking for a tiny shed to put in your back yard, The Little Shed Company is the best place to look. The smallest storage shed in the world is a great way to keep your lawn and garden clutter out of sight without taking up precious real estate on your property. I’m glad we decided not to go with traditional storage sheds because they’re so expensive and difficult to install! Plus, I really like how this one looks with our house instead of being an eyesore like those big metal ones are.”

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